Lenovo Vibe P1 hard reset


Lenovo Vibe P1 hard reset

This is how to remove unlock pattern, remove password on your Lenovo Vibe P1 Android phone and wipe all user data. Learn how to remove forgotten password with these easy steps.

  1. Power off your Lenovo Vibe p1 phone.
  2. Press and hold Volume DOWN and UP s.
  3. Keep pressing both Volume s and press Power to turn on the phone.
  4. When you see the LENOVO LOGO release POWER but keep pressing the volume keys until Lenovo recovery comes up.
  5. Use the touch screen to select Wipe user data. (Choose english menu language.)
  6. Repeat it and confirm on the next screen. Select YES to wipe user data.
  7. Wait until the phone displays the MAIN MENU and select reboot.

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Lenovo Vibe P1 factory reset from the menu

if you can access your phone the soft way:

1. From the Home screen, press the Menu Key and touch Settings.

Lenovo model BL234 Vibe P1 password reset unlock procedure using recovery hard reset

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