Casio EG-800 hard reset

Casio EG-800 hard reset

To reset the Pocket PC
If your Pocket PC responds slowly, stops responding as expected, or “freezes,” try resetting it. A reset causes the Pocket PC to restart and re-adjust memory allocation. Unsaved data in open windows may be lost.

Use the stylus to press and hold the Reset for about two seconds

Casioa EG 800 hard reset

Reset Cassiopeia EG800 EG 800

The conditions under which a system reset occurs during normal operation are as follows:
ACL (All Clear) reset
With conditions provided that no battery (neither main battery nor memory backup battery) is
being installed on the EG-800 and no power from the AC adapter is supplied, ACL reset will occur
when both batteries are put back and the power ON/OFF switch on the EG-800 is turned ON.
The DRAM data storage memory, program execution memory, and the specific memory for the
drivers will be “All-initialized (cleared)”. However, data on the Flash Disk can be retained without

EG-800 User reset

User reset will occur if the RESET switch is pressed while the system is operating (power is ON).
Nothing will happen if the RESET switch is pressed while the power is OFF.
With this operation the program execution memory in the DRAM and the working data not saved
will be “cleared”, but the data storage memory will be “retained”. Data on the Flash Disk will also
be retained.

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Method of Initializing User Memory (Clear All Memory)
Press the “RESET switch” while holding down the Power ON/OFF switch while the power is ON.
In this operation a confirmation message querying whether it is okay to clear the memory will be
displayed twice. Each confirmation must be made with the “Action control ” and Program
(“Voice key”) on the side of the EG-800 unit. If the “Action control ” is pressed for
both the first and repeated confirmation messages, the user memory (data storage memory and
program execution memory) will be cleared as the result of initialization. Pressing the “Voice key”
will cancel the All Clear reset and do a normal reset.

How to Recover Casio EG-800 If the Unit Crashes or Locks up

Follow the step below until the software lock is cleared.
1. Try to turn the power ON/OFF switch OFF and then ON.
2. Pull out the CF card or remove the EG-800 from the cradle.
3. Try a user reset (the program execution memory will be erased).
4. Try a ”Clear All Memory” (all memory areas will be cleared as the result of initialization).
5. As a last resort, remove the external power supply (AC Adaptor) and main battery from the
EG-800, and wait at least 48 hours for the memory backup battery to completely discharge.
Then, insert the main battery and turn on the power ON/OFF switch.

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