Casio BE-300 hard reset

Full Reset Casio BE300

– While holding down the [Power] , use the stylus to press the [Reset] .

– Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to set up your CASSIOPEIA.

– The Top Menu appears on the screen after setup is complete.

Resetting your CASSIOPEIA is the same as restarting your computer. Pering a

Check to make sure the battrery icon is not in the system tray before you press the reset .

Pering the reset operation causes all user files and folders that are not contained

Though saved data is normally not lost when you per a reset operation, abnormal

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To reset your CASSIOPEIA

3. The message “Starting…” appears on the display to let you know that the reset operation is starting.

Casio BE300 hard reset

The Top Menu should appear on the display after a short while. Since this procedure does not affect data and settings stored in memory, you can now continue using the CASSIOPEIA.

What to do if resetting does not solve the problem

Casio BE 300 SAFE mode

1. Connect the AC adapter to the CASSIOPEIA.

Casio BE300 safe mode

4. Tap OK .

This displays the touch screen calibration screen. Follow the instructions on the display to calibrate the touch screen.

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